In order to keep things running smoothly, Kotlin Discord UG collects some information about its users on Discord. As we do value your privacy, we aim to collect the bare minimum amount of data required for our tools to work.

User information stored in the database

User ID This is used as a unique identifier, as it is on Discord. This ensures that we can reliably refer to a specific user.
Username We collect this for display purposes only.
Discriminator We collect this for display purposes only.
Avatar URL We collect this for display purposes only.
Roles A user's roles define what they're able to do on the Discord server, and we use this information to define what users are allowed to do on the site as well.
Infraction context If an infraction involves a group of messages, we may store those messages and their attachments in the database, so we can refer to them when reviewing moderator actions and deciding on future infractions.

User information stored in Discord channels

Nickname changes We keep track of this for moderation purposes only.
Deleted messages We keep track of this for moderation purposes only. Note that messages deleted as part of an infraction may also be stored in the database, with their attachments.
Avatar changes We keep track of this for moderation purposes only.

Moderator actions stored in the database

Infractions Keeping track of infractions is an essential part of maintaining a safe community. Infractions include creation and expiry information, references to users, a small number of messages and their attachments, infraction type and reasoning.
Audit log The audit log keeps track of all staff actions on the server. This allows us to easily keep track of all changes made to our community and infrastructure.



Your data belongs to you. Kotlin Discord UG will never share any of its collected data with third parties, regardless of any implied incentive. Our users will be notified of changes to our privacy policy, and you are free to leave the server at any point if you disagree with any changes.

If you have any concerns about our privacy policy or the data we collect, please feel free to contact a member of staff.

GDPR Compliance

We understand the importance of user privacy and security. If you would like your data removed or a copy of your data for your own purposes, please contact a member of staff directly and we'll be happy to help you.

Please note that some of the data we store is required for our day-to-day operations, even if a user is no longer present in the community. Regretfully, we will be unable to delete that data. For more specifics on what data we can't get rid of, feel free to ask a member of staff.


Privacy policies often need to be updated as data collection needs change. See below for a full list of the changes that have been made over time.

19th May 2020: Initial Version

We created the first version of our privacy policy today. It included collection of basic, necessary user information and moderator actions, such as usernames and user IDs, as well as infraction reasons, targets, and dates, plus messages related to infractions, and their attachments.

Older changes

Nothing here just yet.