Rules & Policies

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Click/tap a rule for more information, and feel free to ask a member of staff if you have any questions.

 Follow Discord's rules
As a Discord-based community, we require that our users adhere to both the Discord Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.
 Follow our Code of Conduct
Read and follow the Kotlin Discord UG Code of Conduct. This document explicitly outlines the kind of behaviour we expect from our users, and is the basis for these rules.
 Avoid non-English languages

While we do understand that the world is a big place and many people will have a different native language, our staff team primarily speaks English and we are unable to moderate discussions in other languages.

If you're not a native English speaker, then please try to speak English to the best of your ability. You may also make use of online translation tools, if you prefer.

 Treat all users with patience & respect

Treat other people how you wish to be treated. If you would not be happy to be treated a certain way, do not treat other users that way.

Remember, everyone was a beginner once. We have a responsibility to provide a friendly, safe community for everyone, including newcomers to Kotlin and programming in general. Don't give our community, or the Kotlin and programming communities at large, a poor reputation.

 Listen to & respect all staff members

All members of staff are here to support the community, keep things running smoothly, and ensure that it remains safe and friendly. In order meet those goals, it's important that they have your cooperation.

If a staff member asks you to do something, then you should listen to them. If you have a problem with what you're being asked to do, then please bring it up with another staff member later - do not cause a scene in a public channel.

 Keep all projects legal & appropriate

You will not be provided with help if your project may break laws, breach terms of services (Discord's or those of other organisations), be considered malicious or inappropriate, or be for graded coursework or exams.

Additionally, keep your code appropriate. Do not sexualize your code or use any slurs or other forms of derogatory language - even if, in your opinion, it's done in a joking manner.

 Do not spam, or advertise other communities or projects

Our community is not a place to recruit users or developers, even if you plan on paying them. If you'd like to share an open source project then you may discuss it in #open-source-collab, but don't just post a link there and leave - this is a discussion channel.

We will remove links to other Discord servers, communities and projects at our discretion. If you would like to work with our community, then please approach a member of staff directly instead of advertising.

 Adhere to the given topics and guidelines for each channel

Most of our channels are strictly on-topic, and we expect our users to take note of a channel's topic and stick to it. We understand that conversations may spam multiple topics and move on to something else, but we reserve the right to ask you to move if a conversation leaves the scope of a channel's topic.

Additionally, there is no channel that is appropriate for dropping images or memes without context. All channels are strictly discussion channels.

Nicknames & Avatars

All nicknames and avatars must adhere to the rules above. We also require that all users may be easily mentioned on a US or UK keyboard. See below for some tips:

  • It's easiest to mention plain ASCII names, but Discord now supports a wide variety of Unicode characters that match up with ASCII characters. This needs some experimentation before we can say for sure what does and doesn't work, though.
  • Even if a specific characters can now be mentioned using ASCII characters, they will not be considered easy to mention if it's not obvious how to do so.
  • Remember that you don't need to change your username - a server nickname will do just fine. Additionally, your entire nickname doesn't need to be mentionable, partial mentions are fine.
  • If you're not sure whether your nickname is easy to mention, don't worry - a staff member will let you know if it needs to be changed once you start interacting with the community.

Additionally, nicknames should not be hard to read or too noisy. Nicknames may be considered difficult to read or noisy if they contain emojis, Zalgo or other difficult-to-read text styles, or control characters. "Empty" nicknames are also considered hard to read.

Avatars depicting objectionable or NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content are prohibited, as well as avatars that attempt to appear "blank" by blending in with the background of the Discord client.

Do not change your avatar, nickname or username to try to protest a moderation action, or to attack any user.


To report rule-breaking behaviour in public, mention the @Moderator role directly in the channel — someone will be along as soon as possible. Alternatively, send a private message to the ModMail bot to open a private support thread.

If your report concerns a member of staff, then please send a private message directly to a different member of staff (of equal or higher rank, if possible).


Our moderators have multiple tools at their disposal when dealing with rule-breakers, including the following:

  • Verbally warning or correcting users
  • Forcibly changing a user's nickname
  • Temporarily muting users
  • Temporarily removing users from the community
  • Permanently removing users from the community

Each situation is unique, and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. All actions taken in response to rule-breaking is done at the discretion of the moderator in question.

We currently do not have a way to appeal community bans. We're exploring our options, but in the meantime you are free to add gdude#2002 as a friend and send your appeal in a private message.